Research & Evaluation

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The ‘unsinkable’ Titanic

“Build it and they will come!”

Will they? Will it work? Are we doing it right? How do we know..?

I can help you conduct research and evaluation into galleries, exhibitions, learning projects, programmes and partnerships to uncover the most effective ways of connecting new and existing audiences with your collections, themes and stories.

Through devising key questions and specific measures of success I can work with you to focus your line of enquiry and get to the heart of just what it is you want to find out. Through a range of bespoke tools, including surveys, consultation, desk research, observation, workshops and creative experiments, I can help you identify the needs and motivations of your audiences, assess the best approaches for future activity, and evaluate the success of existing provision.

Recent projects

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National Maritime Museum (in association with Flow): formative evaluation – Endeavour

Culture24: action research mentoring for Let’s Get Real

National Portrait Gallery: feasibility study – Making a Mark